Dadri Thermal Power Station

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Dadri Thermal Power Station, is the power venture to achieve the power demand of National Capital Region (Delhi). It has a vast coal-fuelled thermal power plant and has a minor township located in UPfor its employees. The actual location of this power plant is in the Vidyut Nagar of Gautam Budh Nagar district of UPand is about 26 km away from Ghaziabad city and about nine kilometres from Dadri. It is nearly 50 kilometres away from the capital city of India, New Delhi on the way to Hapur. The township has a size of almost 500 acres. Dadri Thermal Power Station is a branch of NTPC, which is today a public sector corporation.

Dadri Thermal Power Plant was commissioned in 1991. The approved capacity of this thermal power plant is 1820 Megawatts. Its installed capacity is also 1820 Megawatts. The status of this thermal power plant is operational. The source of coal for the production of thermal power plant is from Piparwar Mines located in the state of Jharkhand in India. The source of water for the power production is Upper Ganga Canal. The primary fuel used is Coal. The owner of this thermal power plant is National Thermal Power Corporation Limited. The beneficiary states of this coal fired thermal power plant are Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The approved investment of this thermal power project is about INR 1670 crores.

The unit sizes of this thermal power plant were 4 x 210 Megawattsand 2 x 490 Megawatts. There are 6 generating units in operation and they are Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5 and Unit 6. Unit 1 to Unit 4 was installed in Stage 1 and Unit 5 & 6 was installed in second stage. The first unit was commissioned in October 1991 with an installed capacity of 210 Megawatt. After that second unit was commissioned in December 1992 with an installed capacity of 210 Megawatt. The third unit was commissioned in March 1993 with an installed capacity of 210 Megawatt. After one year, the fourth unit was commissioned in March 1994 with an installed capacity of 210 Megawatt. In the second stage, Unit 5 and Unit 6 are commissioned consecutively in the month of January 2010 and in the month of July 2010 respectively. The source of financing is done with the international assistance of World Bank.

Project Details:

  • Project - Dadri Thermal Power Plant
  • Commission Date - 1991
  • Approved Capacity in MW–1820 Megawatts
  • Installed Capacity in MW–1820 Megawatts
  • Status - Operational
  • Coal Source - Piparwar Mines, located in Jharkhand
  • WaterSource - Upper Ganga Canal
  • Primary Fuel – Coal fired
  • Owner - NTPC
  • Address - NTPC-Dadri, Vidyut Nagar-201 008
  • District - Gautambudhnagar
  • State - Uttar Pradesh
  • Contact Number - 2671284
  • Fax - 2672330
  • Website -
  • Beneficiary States- Delhi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Approved Investment - INR 1670 Crores.
  • Unit Sizes – 4 x 210 Megawatts and 2 x 490 Megawatts
  • Units Operational – 6
  • Unit Commissioned - Unit 1- 210 Megawatt - Oct 1991
  • Unit 2- 210 Megawatt - Dec 1992
  • Unit 3- 210 Megawatt - Mar 1993
  • Unit 4- 210 Megawatt - Mar 1994
  • Unit 5- 490 Megawatt - Jan 2010
  • Unit 6- 490 Megawatt - Jul 2010
  • International Support–IBRD (World Bank)