Faridabad Gas Power Project

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Faridabad Gas Power Project or NTPC Faridabad is located at Mujedi Village in Neemka, in the Faridabad district of Haryana. Haryana has a numerous coal-based and gas-based power plants that have guaranteed power supply through the state. These power plants are well-connected by roads and rail routes. The Haryana government has constantly giving high importance to its power division. Constant power supply is crucial to its non-stop economic growth. Haryana is the only beneficiary state of this power generation plants. Faridabad Gas Power Station is dedicated to the Haryana state and has a plant capacity of 430 megawatt.

The power plant is one among the gas based power station under the control of National Thermal Power Corporation. The gas for the power plant is acquired from GAIL (Gas Authority of India Limited) HBJ Pipeline. The Source of water for the power plant is from Rampur distributaries of Gurgaon canal. The OECF of Japan provides the international assistance through financing in the Power Plant. The approved investment (Project Cost) of this gas based power station is about INR 1163.60 Crore. The government approved date of this power project is July 25, 1997.

Faridabad Gas Power Plant has an approved capacity of 430 Megawatt and also the installed capacity is 430 Megawatt. The gas source of Faridabad is HBJ Pipeline and the water source is from Rampur distributaries of Gurgaon canal. The primary fuel of this thermal power plant is Natural Gas. Faridabad Gas Power Plant is operated by the National Thermal Power Corporation Limited.

The first unit which is using Gas Turbine was commissioned in June 1999 with an installed power capacity of 143 Megawatt. The second unit which is using Gas Turbine was commissioned in October 1999 with an installed power capacity of 143 Megawatt. Finally the third unit which is using Steam Turbine was commissioned in July 2000 with an installed capacity of 144 Megawatt.

Faridabad Gas Power Plant is also a favourite destination for students and researchers. Also tourists are allowed to visit this power plant. There is a special team inside the power station to describe the visitors about the functioning of power plant and classes on power generation. National Thermal Power Corporation is planning to construct a 1050 MW (3 units of 350 Megawatt) gas based project in Faridabad Gas Power Plant. The gas necessity for the project is calculated at 3.55 mmscmd.

Project Details:

  • Project – Faridabad Gas Power Plant
  • Commission Date – 1999 June
  • Approved Capacity in MW – 430 Megawatt
  • Installed Capacity in MW – 430 Megawatt
  • Status - Operational
  • Gas Source – HBJ Pipeline
  • WaterSource - Rampur distributaries of Gurgaon canal
  • Primary Fuel – Natural Gas
  • Owner – National Thermal Power Corporation Limited
  • Address –MujediVillage, P.ONeemka
  • District – Faridabad
  • State – Haryana
  • Contact Number –0129 - 2401801
  • Fax - 2249737
  • Website – www.ntpc.co.in
  • Beneficiary States - Haryana (100%)
  • Approved Investment – INR1163.60 Cr
  • Unit Sizes – 2 X 143 Megawatt + 1 X 144 Megawatt
  • Units Operational – 3
  • Unit Commissioned – 1999
  • Unit 1 – 143 Megawatt – 1999 June – Gas Turbine
  • Unit 2 – 143 Megawatt – 1999 October – Gas Turbine
  • Unit 3 – 144 Megawatt – 2000 July – Steam Turbine
  • International Support – OECF, Japan