Jhanor Gandhar Gas Power Project

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Jhanor Gandhar Gas Power Project is a gas-fired power plant under the control of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), situated at Urja Nagar, in the district of Bharuch in Gujarat. It is around 1 kilometre away from Urja Nagar to NTPC Jhanor Gandhar Gas Power Station. The source of gas for power plant is from the Gandhar Gas field, and source of water is from the Narmada River. The site is around nineteen kilometres north-east of Bharuch City.The power plant is a base load, with combined cycle power plant. The excess heat from the passing gases of gas turbine is utilised to heat water in waste heat recovery and consequently operate the steam turbine. The gas turbine volume is enlarged to 144.3 Megawatt by inserting de-mineralised water into the ignition chamber. The plant capacity is around 657 Megawatt. The plant obtains natural gas from GSPC and GAIL. The power transmission is at range between 220 kilovolt and 400 kilovolt.

The approved capacity of Jhanor Gandhar Gas Power Project is 648 Megawatt and the installed capacity of this project is also 648 Megawatt. The Beneficiary States of this power plant is Chattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Also the beneficiary Union Territories of this power plant were Daman & Diu and the Dadar & Nagar Haveli. The approved investment for this project is around 2500 crore. The Unit Sizes were 3 X 131 Gas Turbine and 1 X 255 Steam Turbine. OECF Japan provides the international assistance to the Jhanor Gandhar Gas Power Plant.

How to Reach: Surat Airport and Vadodara Airport are the nearest airports with a distance of 69 and 76 kilometres respectively. Bharuch Junction railway station is the nearest railway station. Transport Buses are available throughout the day from nearby towns and cities. It is also a famous traveller destination. The students who are enthusiastic about the power generation can visit this power station to know how it is working.

Project Details:

  • Project – Jhanor Gandhar Gas Power Project
  • Commission Date – March 1994
  • Approved Capacity in MW – 648 Megawatt
  • Installed Capacity in MW – 648 Megawatt
  • Status - Operational
  • Gas Source – Gandhar Gas field
  • Water Source – Narmada River
  • Primary Fuel – Natural Gas
  • Owner – National Thermal Power Corporation Limited
  • Address –P.O. Urja Nagar, 392 215
  • District – Bharuch
  • State – Gujarat
  • Contact Number –02642 - 287401
  • Fax - 287426
  • Website – www.ntpc.co.in
  • Beneficiary States - Chattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Daman and Diu, Dadar and Nagar Haveli
  • Approved Investment – INR 2500 crores
  • Unit Sizes – 3X131 Gas Turbine + 1X255 Steam Turbine
  • Units Operational – 4
  • Unit Commissioned – All the four units are commissioned
  • Unit 1 – 131 Megawatt – Mar 1994 – Gas Turbine
  • Unit 2 – 131Megawatt – Mar 1994 – Gas Turbine
  • Unit 3 – 131 Megawatt – May 1994 – Gas Turbine
  • Unit 4 – 255 Megawatt – Mar 1995 – Gas Turbine
  • International Support – OECF JAPAN