Simhadri Thermal Power Station

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Simhadri Thermal Power Plant is a coal-fired power plant in operation in the borders of Visakhapatnam city of Andhra Pradesh in India. The land availability for the project is around 3400 Acres. The power plant is one among the coal sourced power plants of NTPC. Simhadri Power Plant is first commissioned in February 2002. After that second commissioning was done in August 2002, the third commissioning was in March 2011 and fourth commissioning was in March 2012. Each of the four units are commissioned an installed capacity of 500 Megawatt. The primary fuel of thermal power plant is Coal. The Coal for the thermal plant is sourced from Talcher Coal Fields of Orissa. The approved capacity is 2000 Megawatt and its installed capacity is also 2000 Megawatt.

The coal for the Simhadri Thermal Power plant is utilised from the Talcher Coal Fields of Orissa. It is transported by East Coast Railway through the Kolkata- Chennai trunk line. Similarly the water for the working of this power plant is sourced from the Yeluru Canal. For cooling, although, the plant utilises seawater drove in from the nearest sea, Bay of Bengal. Seawater, with its salinity, is unfit to be utilised as working fluid, without purification.

The power plant is possessed by the National Thermal Power Corporation Limited. The beneficiary state of this project is Andhra Pradesh. The unit 3 and unit 4 are sold to distribution companies of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The approved investment for this project is INR 3700 Cr. The Associated Transmission System for the project is implemented by APTRANSCO. The government approved date of Simhadri Thermal Power Plant is 24 July 1997.

Unit 1 and Unit 2 are erected in the first stage of development and was commissioned in February 2002 and August 2002 respectively. The first stage is built for the purpose to meet the urgent requirements of power in the regions of agrarian and northern parts of Andhra Pradesh. Similarly Unit 3 and Unit 4 are erected in the second stage of development and was commissioned in March 2011 and March 2012 respectively. Since the plant is setup by the funds of national government, the working of this plant is under the control of national government. So it is being sold to surrounding states of Andhra Pradesh including, Orissa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. JBIC provides the international assistance to the Simhadri Thermal Power Plant.

Project Details:

  • Project – Simhadri Thermal Power Plant
  • Commission Date - 2002
  • Approved Capacity in MW – 2000 Megawatt
  • Installed Capacity in MW – 2000 Megawatt
  • Status - Operational
  • Coal Source – Talcher Coal Fields, Odisha
  • Water Source – Water sourced from the Yeluru Canal
  • Primary Fuel – Coal
  • Owner - NTPC
  • Address - P.O. Simhadri-531 020
  • District - Vishakhapatnam
  • State - Andhra Pradesh
  • Contact Number-08924- 243001, 0891 - 243001
  • Fax - 243092
  • Website -
  • Beneficiary States - Andhra Pradesh
  • Approved Investment - Rs.3700 Cr
  • Land Availability – 3400 Acres
  • Associated Transmission System - Implemented by APTRANSCO.
  • Govt. approved date - 24.07.1997
  • Unit Commissioned – All units are commissioned
  • Unit-1 Commissioning: February 2002
  • Unit-2 Commissioning: August 2002
  • Unit-3 Commissioning: March 2011
  • Unit-4 Commissioning: March 2012
  • International Support – JBIC