Facts about Languages in India

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  1. Hindi is the language that most of the indians speak and it is also the national & official language of India.
  2. English is the official and native language of Nagaland.
  3. Tamil is the oldest language and malayalam is the last formed language of among other dravida languages.
  4. The Indian constitution accepted 22 languages around the country.
  5. Kharosthi is an ancient Indic script written from right to left.
  6. The official language of pakistan is Urdu and Urdu is considered as "Kohinoor of India".
  7. Dhivehi is the official Maldivian language.
  8. Esperanto is widely spoken constructed auxiliary language.
  9. Mandarin is the widely spoken language of Chinese People.
  10. Manipravalam is the combined language of both Malayalam and Sanskrit.
  11. Tulu is the language which had no script.
  12. Gurumukhi is the script of Punjabi Language.
  13. Konkani is the language of Proto Australoid tribes.
  14. Brahmi is the oldest script of India.
  15. Urdu is the official language of Army Camps and King's court.
  16. Arya Script is used for writting Sanskrit Language.
  17. Arabi Malayalam is the language of Mappila Sahithyam.
  18. The official language of Singapore includes Tamil, Chinese, Malaya and English.
  19. The father of Urdu language is Amir Khusro.
  20. Latin is the official Language of Vatican. Meithei is the Manipuri Language.
  21. Telugu is the widely spoken Dravida Language.
  22. The classic languages of India are Tamil, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Odiya.
  23. The languages of Arunachal Pradesh includes Monpa, Miji, Aadi, Mishmi and Tangsa.
  24. Pahari is the language of Himachal Pradesh.
  25. The languages of Jammu and Kashmir includes Urdu, Dogri, Balti and Dadri.
  26. Khasi and Garo are the languages of Meghalaya.
  27. The main languages of Nagaland includes Angami, Aavo, Konyak and Lotha.
  28. The main languages of Sikkim includes Bhutia, Nepali and Lepcha.
  29. The main language of Tripura includes Bengali and Kokborok.
  30. Malayalam, Jeseri (Dweep Bhasha) and Mahal are the common languages of Lakshadweep.
  31. French is the language of Puducherry.
  32. The people of Mathur in Karnataka spoke Sanskrit.
  33. It is believed that Jesus Christ spoke the Aramaic Language.
  34. Balochi, Dari and Pashto are the spoken languages of Afghanistan, whereas Bengali is the Indian language spoken in Bangladesh.
  35. Dzongkha is the language of Bhutan. Khmer in Cambodia, Persian in Iran and Hebrew in Israel are the spoken languages.
  36. There are 17 native languages of India are listed in Indian Currency (Rupee).

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