The Postal System in India

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1. The widest postal system in the world is Indian Postal Service.

2. The first Post Office of Kerala was established in 1857 in Alappuzha.

3. PIN from the term Pincode represents Postal Index Number.

4. PIN Facility of India was introduced in the year, 1972.

5. The total number of digits in Pin Code is Six (ABCDEF), where A to F represents the digits from 0 to 9.

6. The second most digit from Left side represents Postal Sub Zone. The Lefternmost digit of pincode represents Postal Zone.The third leftern most digit of pincode represents sorting district.The last three digits of pincode represents related post offices.

7. There are eight Postal Zones in India, They are Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Lakshadweep belongs to the southern postal zone.

8. The first general post office of India is founded in 1774 in Kolkata.

9. Dakshin Gangotri was the first Indian Post Office started in Overseasis of India that situated in Antarctica.

10. Kerala Postal Circle was founded in the year 1961, July.

11. Indian Postal Service celebrated its 150th centenary celebration in 2004.Speed Postal Service is started in India in 1986, August 1.

12. The first speed post center of kerala is Ernakulam.

13. The money order facility was started in India in 1880.

14. Postal Life Insurance was started in 1884.

15. The head quaters of Universal Postal union ia in Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

16. Orissa Police Department first introduced the piegions for communications.

17. World Postal Day - October 9.

18. India Postal Day - October 10

19. Indian Postal System that started Business Post in 1997, January 1. With the help of Internet, Speed net was introduced in January 3, 2002.

20. India joined universal Postal Union in 1876. Also India joined Asian Pacific Postal Union in 1964.

21. "Suprabhatam" is the postal service introduced by Kerala Postal Circle to send the posts to the mentioned address within 9 O' Clock early morning.It was started in Thiruvananthapuram in 2006 January.

22. The projects under Postal Insurance services include suraksha, suvidha, santhosh, sumangal and yugan.

23. Rural Postal Service Insurance is introduced for the People of Villages and other rural areas to save their Money. It was established in March 24, 1995.

24. Philately is the hobby of postal stamp collection.