Roads and Highways in India

1. The total length of Roads in India is more than 33 lakh kilometers.

2. Maharashtra has the largest share of state highways among all states (22.14%).

3. National Highway, State Highway, District Roads and Village Roads are the different roads of India. The total length of National Highways is 78,800 kilometers.

4. The construction and repair of National Highway is done by Central Government. The Golden Quadrilateral connects the four metro cities of India namely New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

5. The Grant Truck road in the Northernmost part of India is built by Shershah suri. It was also declared as first National Highway and it was during the period of Shershah suri. Earlier Grant Truck Road was built between Sasaram and Agra in Uttar Pradesh. This Road is known in the name of "Long walk" during British reign.

6. NH 7 is the lengthiest National Highway of India. The NH 7 built between Varanasi of Uttar Pradesh to Kaniyakumari of Tamil Nadu. The length of NH 7 is 2369 km.

7. The NH 6 is the second lengthiest road of India that connects district, Hazira to Kolkata. The total length of road is 1949 kilometers.

8. The smallest road in India is NH 47A, also called as 966B Road. It connects Kundanoor of cochin to Wellington Island. The Length of NH 47A is 5.9 Kilometers.

9. NH 1 connects Delhi to Amritsar. The length of this road is 456 kilometers.

10. The state highways was controlled by state government. State Government handle both construction and maintenance of State Highways.

11. The North-South–East-West Corridor (NS-EW) is the largest highway project in India, which is now in the developmental stage. The highway corridor joins at the Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh.

12. Andaman Trunk Road is located at Andaman Islands.

13. The first Road Transport and Highways Department was came into existence in 1860 in Travancore.

14. Kerala has the most number of Panchayat Roads. It is the only state which connects all type of roads in cities, forests, towns and Village is Kerala.

15. Nine National Highways pass through Kerala. They are NH 66, NH 544, NH 85, NH 966A, NH 744, NH 766, NH 966, NH 183 and NH 966B.

16. The total length of National Highway that pass through Kerala is NH 66.

17. The panchayat road contributes almost 67 percent of total roads in Kerala.

18. There are around 60 State Highways in Kerala.

19. The State Highway, SH - 1 is called as MC Road in Kerala. Main Central Road is the full name of MC Road. MC Road joins Trivandrum to Angamaly. The total length of MC Road is 240 kilometer.

20. The construction and repair of State Highways is done by the State Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. They have more state highways in Ernakulam District.