Television Broadcasting in India:

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1. John Logie Baird invented Television in 1928. The telecast was first done in USA in 1928.

2. A horseride game called Epsom Derby in 1931 is the first live telecast programme in Television.

3. The first advertisement in Television is based on watches in New York of America.

4. BBC is the biggest TV Telecast institute in the world (British Broadcasting Corporation).

5. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) founded in 1922 with the slogan, Nation Shall Speak Peace unto Nation.

6. The official headquarters of BBC is located at Portland Pl, London.

7. Prospero and Ariel were the two main characters of Shakesphere's notable work "The Tempest". These two sculptures, Prospero and Ariel is fixed in front of BBC Head office.

8. It was in 1959, september, the doordarshan telecast started. And in 1965, the daily telecast is started.

9. Sathyam Shivan Sundaram is the main slogan of Doordarshan. It was in 1976, doordarshan separated with All India Radio.

10. In 1982, colour Television came into existence.

11. It was in 1982, the national telecast was launched with a live programme called Delhi Asiad (Asian Games).

12. Soap Opera, a television or radio drama serial telecasting daily events. The first TV Serial of world is Faraway Hills telecasted in 1946 from USA.

13. The first TV serial of India is "Hum Logh" in 1984. Prasar Bharti is the nationalised institute of Telecast and it was started in 1997 November 23.

14. The Full form of DTH is Direct to Home Services. ASC Enterprises is the first DTH Service provider in India.

15. The first free DTH is DD Direct Plus, which was inaugrated in 2004 December 16.

16. In order to make the DTH Telecast best, India launched the artificial satellite called INSAT - 4A in 2006, December 22.

17. It was in 1986, the commercial purpose of Doordarshan is established.

18. For the first time in Kerala, Television telecast from Trivandrum started in 1982 August 15.

19. It was in 1985, January 1 the malayalam telecast was launched. The first satellite channel of Kerala is Asianet. It is also the first private channel.

20. DD Bharti is a doordarshan channel related to the cultural and Heritage programme.

21. Rupavahini Corporation is the national channel of Srilanka.

22. Al Jazeera also known as Aljazeera is the TV Telecast channel, with its headquaters in Doha of Qatar.

23. November 21 is celebrated as World Television Day.

Radio Broadcasting in India:

1. The first indian radio broadcasting was held in 1923 in Mumbai.

2. All India Radio was came into existence in 1936. Its name is changed to Akashavani in 1967.

3. The slogan of Akashavani is Bahujan Hitay and Bahujan Sukhay.

4. Kisan Vani is the All India Radio Channel started for the purpose of promotion of Agricultural Programmes in February 2004.