Auraiya Gas Power Project India

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The Auraiya CCPP Gas Power Plant is situated at Etawah, Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh. The total installed capacity of the plant is 652 MWe.

This is a fully operating and is a combined cycle gas turbine power plant. The plant is used as base load in auraiya district. Natural gas and Naphtha are used as primary and secondary fuels. The gas supply needed for 90% PLF is 3.18 and the linkage is 2.56. Fuel taken from South Basin Gas field is the main source of fuel and HBJ Pipeline is used for transporting the fuel. Water taken from Auraiya - Etawah Canal is the main source of water and the power from the plant is mainly connected to the regional grid. The capital cost of the plant in 1989 is 678.77 Crores.

The plant has 6 different units. The first four units has an installed capacity of 112 MWe and the last two units has an installed capacity of 102 MWe. The commissioned dates of the different units are:

Unit 1 - 29/March/1989, Unit 2 - 26/July/1989, Unit3 - 09/August/1989, Unit 4 -29/September/1989, Unit 5 - 29/December/1989, Unit 6 - 12/June/1990.

Mitsubishi is the turbine and generator manufacturer of the plant. The turbine models used in different units are: Gas Turbine 501D (for units 1 to 4) and Steam Turbine (units 5 and 6). This is a central government ownership power plant and National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is the owner of the plant having all the 100% share. The financiers of the power plant are IBJ and World Bank and also NTPC is the operating company of the plant.

How to Reach: Auraiya Gas Power Plant is located at Etawah town of Auraiya district in Uttar Pradesh. Etawah Railway Station is the nearby railway station and Kanpur Airport is the nearby airport.

Plant Details:

• Project Name – Auraiya Gas Power Plant

• Commissioned Year – 1989

• Total Installed Capacity in MW – 652 MWe

• Status of Plant - Fully operating power plant

• Power Plant Used for – base load

• Type of Plant – Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

• Type of Fuel – Natural gas and naphtha

• Fuel source - Fuel taken from South Basin Gas field India

• Water source - Water taken from Auraiya - Etawah Canal

• Turbine Manufacturer - Mitsubishi

• Generator Manufacturer - Mitsubishi

• Turbine models - Gas Turbine - 501D and Steam Turbine

• Turbine configuration - 2 blocks of 2+2+1 CCGT

• Owner - National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)

• Address – Etawah, Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, India

• District – Auraiya District

• State – Uttar Pradesh

• Contact Number - +91 (5683) 282615

• Email –

• Website –

• Unit Sizes – 4 x 112 and 2 x 102 MWe

• Units Operational – 6

• Unit Commissioned – All units are commissioned