Barauni Thermal Power Station Begusarai Bihar

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The Barauni Thermal Power Station is situated at Begusarai, Hazaribagh District, Bihar. The total installed capacity of the power plant is 360 MWe. A total of another 360 MWe capacity is expected to installed soon as two units (1 x 110 and 1 x 250) MWe.

This is a partially operational and is a Sub critical thermal type power plant. Here coal is used as the primary fuel and mercury control device is not used in this plant. The main source of water for the plant is from the ganga river. Initially the plant has 5 units and the five units are decommissioned. The first three units are commissioned in 1963 with an installed capacity of 15 MWe. The first unit is decommissioned in 1983; the second and third units are decommissioned in 1985. The fourth and fifth units have an installed capacity of 50 MWe. The fourth and fifth units are commissioned in 1969 and 1971, and are decommissioned in 1996 and 1995 respectively. The seventh unit is commissioned in 31-March-1985 with an installed capacity of 110 MWe and the eighth unit is commissioned in January 2018 with an installed capacity of 250 MWe. The sixth and ninth units are under renovation and are expected to function soon. The sixth and ninth units have an expected installed capacity of 110 MWe and 250 MWe respectively. The boiler, generator and turbine manufacturer is BHEL Hyderabad. This is a state government ownership power plant and Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB) is the owner of the plant by owing all the 100% share of the plant. The operating company of the plant is also BSEB.

How to Reach: Barauni Thermal Power Station is located in the Begusarai Village of Hazaribagh district in Bihar. Barauni Railway Station is the nearest railway station and Patna Airport is the nearest airport.

Project Details:

• Project Name – Barauni Coal Power Station India

• Commissioned Year – 1984

• Total Installed Capacity in MW – 320 MWe

• Status of Plant - Partially operating power plant

• Power Plant Used for – peaking load

• Type of Plant – Sub critical thermal type plant

• Type of Fuel – coal

• Water source - water from the ganga river

• Boiler Manufacturer - BHEL Hyderabad

• Turbine Manufacturer - BHEL Hyderabad

• Generator Manufacturer - BHEL Hyderabad

• Owner - Bihar State Electricity Board (BSEB)

• Address – Begusarai, Hazaribagh District, Bihar, India

• District – Hazaribagh

• State – Bihar

• Contact Number - +91 (612) 2504036 (Patna)

• Website –

• Unit Sizes – 1 x 110, 1 x 250 MWe

• Units Operational – 2

• Unit Commissioned – All units are commissioned