Barh Super Thermal Power Station

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Barh Super Thermal Power Station is situated in the Barh town of Patna District in the state of Bihar. Barh Super Thermal Power Station is located hardly four kilometres east of the Barh region on the NH-31 in the capital city, Patna of Bihar. The project has been considered as a mammoth power project, and is maintained by the NTPC.

The total capacity of the Barh Thermal Power Station is 3300 Megawatt in both stages. For stage 1, it is 1,320 Megawatt (2 units x 660 Megawatt) and for Stage-2, it is 1,980 Megawatt (3 units x660 Megawatt), The Stage 1 is built by Russian company, Technopromexport. Whereas the Stage 2 is built by BHEL and its status is Operational. The total share of Bihar is 1183 Megawatts, in which 26 percentage is from stage 1 and 50 percentage is from stage 2.

The main power plant and the township is spread over an area of 1,186 acres. The authorised ownership of 1,186 acres of land has been acquired for setting up the foremost power plant and its settlement which comprises of 12 villages.

The then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had put the basement stone of the foremost plant of stage-1 of Barh Power Plant on the month of March in 1999. The official inauguration of its site office was done in September 2003.

The Plant is expected to produce a total power of 3300 Megawatt, which costs over INR 26,000 crores. The entire approval cost of stage 1 (1980 Megawatt) and for Stage 2 (1320 Megawatt) are 8700 crore and 7700 crore respectively.

The Unit – 4 of stage 2 is commissioned in Nov 2013, with an installed capacity of 660 Megawatt. While the Unit – 5 of stage 2 is commissioned in March 2015, with an installed capacity of 660 Megawatt. In the case of first unit of stage 1, it is expected to be commissioned in December 2019 and for second unit, it would be commissioned in December 2020. The third unit would be commissioned and will start its operation in August 2021. The installed capacity of unit 1, unit 2 and unit 3 would be 660 Megawatt each.

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