DGEN Mega Power Project Dahej Gujarat

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DGEN Mega (Torrent) CCGT I II III Power Plant is located at the place Dahej, which is situated in Bharuch District, Gujarat State, India. The overall capacity of DGEN Mega Power Project Dahej Gujarat is 1200 MWe.

The plant is mainly used as base load in Gujarat State and is a fully operating type power plant. This power station is a combined cycle gas turbine type power plant. Here natural gas is used as the primary fuel. This power plant has 3 different units. All the units are commissioned in 2014. The first unit is commissioned on 12-January-2014 with a total installed capacity of 400 MWe. The units 2 and 3 are commissioned on 09-March-2014 and 23 - April - 2014 with total installed capacity of 400 MWe. Siemens is the turbine and generator manufacturers of this plant. Units 1 and II uses CCGT-1 SGT5-4000F as the turbine model and CCGT-3 SGT5-4000F is the turbine model for unit 3. The generator used in this plant is SGen5-2000H hydrogen-cooled generator. Low NOx Burner is the NOx control device used in this plant. This is a Torrent Energy Ltd type owned power plant and is a private one. Torrent Energy Ltd is the operating company of this plant.

How to Reach: DGEN Mega (Torrent) CCGT I II III Power Plant is located in the Dahej town of Bharuch District in Gujarat. You can reach this power station via Road, Rail or Air. You will get buses/taxis from Bharuch city to the Power Plant. Dahej railway station and Surat Airport are the nearest railway station and airport.

Plant Details:

• Project Name – DGEN Mega Power Project Dahej Gujarat

• Commissioned Year – 2014

• Total Installed Capacity in MW –1200 MWe

• Status of Plant - Fully Operating plant

• Power Plant Used for – Base Load

• Type of Plant – Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

• Type of Fuel – Natural Gas

• Turbine Model/Types - CCGT-1 SGT5-4000F, CCGT-1 SGT5-4000F, CCGT-3 SGT5-4000F

• Turbine Manufacturer - Siemens

• Generator Manufacturer - Siemens

• Generator Model - SGen5-2000H hydrogen-cooled generator

• NOx Control Device Used - Low NOx Burner

• Boiler/Turbine/Generator configuration - Three 1+1+1 CCGT blocks

• Address – Dahej SEZ, Bharuch District, Gujarat

• District – Bharuch

• State – Gujarat

• Contact Number - +91 (079) 26585090

• Email – investorservice_ahd@torrentpower.com

• Website – torrentpower.com, torrentlimited.com

• Unit Sizes –3 x 400 MWe

• Units Operational – 3

• Unit Commissioned – All units are commissioned