GMR Rajahmundry Power Plant

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GMR Rajahmundry Power Plant is a fully operating plant and is situated at, Vemagiri taluk, nearly 12 kilometres from Rajahmundry district, Andhra Pradesh state, India.

The overall capacity of this plant is about 768 MWe and is a combined cycle gas turbine type plant. This power plant is used for Peaking Load and Natural Gas is used as the primary fuel. The Turbine Manufacturers are GE and Alstom respectively. This is a Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh operated plant and Regional Grid is the connection for electrical grid. GT-1 9FA, GT-2 9FA, ST-1 and ST-2 are the Turbine Model/Types. The GMR Rajahmundry CCGT Power Plant has 4 different units. The first two units are commissioned in 2011 and the next two are commissioned on 2012. The first and third units has an overall operating capacity of 250 MWe and the second and fourth units has an overall installed capacity of 134 MWe.

GE and Alstom are the Turbine manufacturers for this plant. GE manufactured turbines are used in units 1 and 3 while Alstom manufactured turbines are used for units 2 and 4. L&T - CMI is the Boiler/HRSG Manufacturer for this plant. The water from upstream of River Godavari is taken as the source of water. This plant has Units waiting for gas supply to complete the testing and commence the commercial operations. The owner of this plant is GMR Group and the type of ownership is IPP. Larsen & Toubro is the Construction/EPC Contractor. GMR Rajahmundry Energy Limited is the operating company for this plant.

Project Details:

• Project Name – GMR Rajahmundry CCGT Power Plant

• Commissioned Year – 2011

• Total Installed Capacity in MW – 768 MWe

• Status of Plant - Operating partially

• Power Plant Used for – Peaking Load

• Type of Plant – Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

• Type of Fuel – Natural Gas

• Turbine Manufacturer– GE and Alstom

• Name of Operator - GMR Rajahmundry Energy Limited

• Source of Water - upstream of River Godavari

• Turbine Model/Types - GT-1 9FA, ST-1, GT-2 9FA & ST-2

• Boiler/HRSG Manufacturer - L&T - CMI

• Address – Vemagiri, hardly 12 kilometres near to Rajahmundry district, Andhra Pradesh state, India

• District – Rajahmundry

• State – Andhra Pradesh

• Contact Number - +91 22 4202 8000

• Email –

• Website –

• Beneficiary States –

• Unit Sizes – 768 MWe

• Units Operational –4

• Unit Commissioned – All units are commissioned