Harangi Hydroelectric Project

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Harangi Hydroelectric Project is an undertaking of a self-financing power generation company named Energy Development Company Limited (EDCL). Harangi Hydroelectric Project has an approved capacity of 9 MW. The type of project is Small, since the capacity is between 3 Megawatt and 25 Megawatt. The status of power plant is completed and are Operational. The source of water for the generation of power is Harangi Canal and the basin is Cauvery. The power plant is erected at the Southern Hydroelectric Region. It is a self-financing establishment.

The Beneficiary State of the power plant is Karnataka. There are two turbines in operation and capacity per each turbine is 4.5 MW. The model/type of power plant is Kaplan and the height of the Rated Head of Turbine is 12 m.

The unit sizes of power plant is 9 Megawatt, i.e., having 2 units of 4.5 MW each. There are two units in operation and all the units of power plants are commissioned. The first unit is commissioned with an installed capacity of 4.5 MW and likewise, the second unit is commissioned also with a capacity of 4.5 MW.

How to Reach: The power plant is located in the Harangi canal of Kodagu district in the state of Karnataka. You can arrive this power station via Bus, Taxi or train. The most convenient way to reach this power station is by Bus. Taxi is another option for those who want to travel by Road. You will get bus or taxi from the nearest well-connected city/town to the power station. Kannur Airport is the nearest well-connected Airport and Kodagu Railway Station is the nearest railway station.

Project Details:

• Hydroelectric Project Name – Harangi Hydroelectric Project

• Approved Capacity in MW – 9 MW

• Installed Capacity in MW – 9 MW

• Type of Project – Small (the capacity is between 3 MW and 25 MW)

• Status – Operational

• Water Source – Harangi Canal

• Basin – Cauvery

• Hydroelectric Region – Southern Hydroelectric Region

• Owner – Private

• Operating Company – Energy Development Company Limited (EDCL)

• Address – Harangi Canal, Kodagu district, Karnataka

• District – Kodagu

• State – Karnataka

• Contact Number – (08276) 277040

• Fax - (08276) 277012

• Email – secretarial@edclgroup.com

• Website – www.edclgroup.com

• Beneficiary States/ Union Territories – Karnataka

• Number of Turbines – 2

• Capacity per Turbine – 4.5 MW

• Turbine Model/Type – Kaplan

• Rated Head of Turbine – 12 m

• Unit Sizes – 9 Megawatt (4.5 MW x 2 units)

• Total Units – 2

• Units Commissioned – All the units are commissioned