Nallalam Diesel Power Plant

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Nallalam Diesel Power Plant (KDPP) is a fully operating plant and is situated at Kozhikode, Kerala, India. This power plant is located in India. The nallalam diesel power plant is established in 1999.

The total installed capacity of this plant is about 128 MW and is an Oil Engine type power plant. The primary fuel used in this plant is LSHS l and the secondary fuel in this plant is Diesel. KDPP Oil Power Plant is a KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) operated plant. Regional Grid is used as the connection for electrical grid. The Diesel Engine / Boiler Manufacturer of this plant is: Wartsalia and the Diesel Engine / Boiler Model/Type is Wartsalia 46 NSD.

KDPP Oil Power Plant has 8 different units and each unit is operating fully. The first unit is commissioned on 01-September-1999 with an installed capacity of 16 MWe. The second unit is commissioned on 11-September-1999 and has an installed capacity of 16 MWe. The third unit is commissioned on18-September-1999. The fourth and fifth unit are commissioned on 23-September-1999 and 30-September-1999 respectively. The Sixth and Seventh units are commissioned on 11-September-1999 and 25-October-1999 respectively. The Eighth unit is commissioned on 06-Novtember-1999 All the eight units has an installed capacity of 16 MW.

How to Reach: The Nallalam Diesel Power Plant is located in the Nallalam town of Kozhikode district in kerala. You can reach this power station via Road, Rail or Air. You will get buses or taxi from the Calicut city to the power station. Kozhikode railway station is the nearest railway station and Calicut International Airport is the nearest airport.

Project Details:

• Project Name – Nallalam Diesel Power Plant

• Commission Date – 1999-09-01

• Total Installed Capacity in MW – 128 MW

• Status of Plant - Operational

• Power Plant Used for – Peaking Load

• Type of Plant – Oil Engine

• Type of Fuel – LSHS Oil

• Boiler Configuration –

• Name of Operator - Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB)

• Name of Substation –

• Diesel Engine / Boiler Manufacturer- Wartsalia

• Diesel Engine / Boiler Model/Type - Wartsalia 46 NSD

• Address – Kozhikode, Kerala, India

• District – Kozhikode

• State – Kerala

• Contact Number - +91 (471) 2446480

• Email –

• Website –

• Beneficiary States – Kerala and its neighbouring states

• Unit Sizes – 458.12 MW

• Units Operational – 8

• Unit Commissioned – All units are commissioned