North Koel Hydroelectric Project

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North Koel Hydroelectric Project is erected in the North Koel River of Palamu district in Jharkhand. The project has a total installed capacity of 24 MW. So the project type is small as the installed capacity is in between 3 and 25 MW. The project is currently under Planned Stage. The hydroelectric development type of the project is run of the river. The North Koel River flows through the Western part of Palamu district is the location of the project. North Koel Dam (otherwise called as Kutku Dam) is the dam built connected to the project and its type is Earthen. The dam is mainly used for the purpose of Hydroelectric Power Generation and also for Irrigation. The type of Structure of Power House is Dam and its position is also on the Dam Toe. The Power house is currently under the Construction stage.

The source of water for the generation of power is from North Koel River and the hydroelectric basin is Ganga Basin. The power project is erected in the Eastern Hydroelectric Region of the country. The power plant is owned by State Government and the operating company of the plant is Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB). There are two turbines used in the power house. So the unit size of the plant is 24 MW having two units of 12 MW each.

Project Details:

• Hydroelectric Project Name – North Koel Hydroelectric Project

• Seismic Zone - Seismic Zone-II

• Total Installed Capacity in MW – 24 MW

• Project Type – Small (between 3 and 25 MW)

• Hydroelectric Project Status – Planned

• Hydroelectric Development Type - Run of the River

• Completion Year – 1984

• Name of Dam - North Koel Dam (Kutku Dam)

• Type of Dam - Earthen

• Purpose of Dam – Hydroelectric Generation, Irrigation

• Structure Type – Dam

• Position of Powerhouse - Dam Toe

• Status of Powerhouse - Under Construction

• Water Source – North Koel River

• Basin – Ganga

• Hydroelectric Region – Eastern HE Region

• Hydroelectric Basin - Ganga Basin

• Owner – State Government

• Operator – Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB)

• Address – Palamu, Jharkhand

• District – Palamu

• State – Jharkhand

• Website –

• Number of Turbines used- 2

• Rated Head of Turbine – 55 m

• No. of Penstock – 2

• Penstock Size – 3050 mm

• Unit Sizes – 2 units X 12 MW (24 MW)

• Total Number of Units – 2

• Design Discharge - 46 cumec