Paras Thermal Power Station

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Paras Thermal Power Plant is one of the earliest power station of Maharashtra State Power Generation Companysituated at Paras in the district of Akola of Maharashtra. The power plant is one among the coal fired power plants of Company.Paras Thermal Power Station is first of its kind of construction byMahagenco. The station has saw the third generation machinery. The first unit of this station had 30 Megawatt installed capacity in 1961 with a stroke boiler. This unit was cancelled in 1993 due to its age and poor working.

The Paras Thermal Power Station is commissioned in 1961. The approved capacity of this thermal power plant is 500 Megawatt. The installed capacity of this thermal power plant is also 500 Megawatt. The status of this thermal power plant is Operational. The source of coal for the production of thermal power is from Machhakata coal blocks and coal block of Mahajanwadi in Nagpur. The source of water is available from lower Mun barrage. The primary fuel used for the generation of power is Coal. The power plant is owned and operated by the Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited. The beneficiary states of this thermal power plant are Maharashtra and its neighbouring States. The Unit Size of this thermal power plant is 500 Megawatt (2 units x 250 Megawatts). There are two units in operation. They are Unit 3 and Unit 4. The first and second units are decommissioned in 1991 and 2010 respectively.

In Stage 1, two units are commissioned. ie, first and second units. The first unit is commissioned in 1961 with an installed capacity of 30 Megawatt. This unit is decommissioned in 2010. The second unit is commissioned in 1967 with an installed capacity of 62.5 Megawatt. The second unit is also decommissioned and it was in 2010. Stage 3 has two units, third Unit and fourth Unit. Both of them are operational. The third unit is commissioned in 2007, with an installed capacity of 250 Megawatt. Similarly the fourth unit is commissioned in 2010, with an installed capacity of 250 Megawatt. An Expansion of 250 Megawatt through the installation of Unit 5 is proposed, but it is later shelved due to pending coal analysis report of Environment Clearance.

How to Reach: Paras Thermal Power Station is located at the Paras village of Akola district in the state of Maharashtra. Paras Thermal Power Station is located at about 30 kilometres from Akola. You can arrive at this Power Station via Road, Rail or Air. By Road, you can travel via Transport Buses or Taxi. Paras Railway Station is the nearest railway station. And the well-connected Railway Station between the other railway stations in the country is Akola Railway Station.

Stage 1 - Unit 1- 30 Megawatt – 1961 – Decommissioned in 1991

Stage 1 - Unit 2- 62.5 Megawatt – 1967 – Decommissioned in 2010

Stage 2 - Unit 3- 250 Megawatt – 2007 - Operational

Stage 2 - Unit 4- 250 Megawatt – 2010 - Operational