Tata Power

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Tata Power Limited is a subsidiary of Tata Group, which is based out of Mumbai in Maharashtra. The main aim of Tata Power is to generate, transmit and distribute power. With an installed power capacity of 10577 Megawatt, it is the country’s leading integrated power generation company.

The Tata power started as a hydroelectric power generation company in 1911. The Tata Hydroelectric Power later merged with Andhra Valley Power in the year, 1916. Today, the company is India’s largest private power generating company and established as a Mumbai licensee. It has numerous expansion plans from being essentially Mumbai based and is a main player. In addition to the national player in Power, they also contributed well in the sector of Energy and Broadband Communication.

The first commissioned power plant of India is that of Tata power’s and it was a hydroelectric power station located at Khopali. The power plant was commissioned in 1915. The installed capacity of the hydroelectric power station of Khopoli is 72 Megawatt. After that the second hydro power station of tata power, Bhivpuri is constructed and commissioned in 1919 with an installed capacity of 75 Megawatt. The third hydroelectric power plant of Tata power located at Bhira is commissioned in 1922.

Tata Power is now having operations in India, Bhutan, Singapore, Indonesia and South Africa. Tata Power is also the leading integrated private power company in the country and is the most dependable power supplier to Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Currently, the major thermal power plants of Tata Power were Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant, Trombay Thermal Power Station, Maithon Power Plant and Jojobera Power Plant.

Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant

Installed Capacity: 4000 Megawatt (5 units x 800 Megawatt)

The Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant is a coal fired thermal power plant located at Mundra village of Kutch district in Gujarat. The power plant is owned by Tata Power and all of the units are operational. The power is using the Super Critical Boiler Technology.

Trombay Thermal Power Station

Installed Capacity: 1580 Megawatt

The Trombay Thermal Power Station is a coal fired thermal power plant located at Trombay near Mumbai district in Gujarat. Trombay Power Station, which is under the control of Tata Power is having five units. All the first four units are decommissioned and the fifth unit is still in operation and are having an installed capacity of 250 Megawatt.

Maithon Thermal Power Plant

Installed Capacity: 1050 Megawatt

Maithon Thermal Power Plant is a coal fired thermal power plant located at Maithon village of Dhanbad district in Jharkhand. The power plant is a joint venture of Tata Power and Damodar Valley Corporation. The project is also considered as the first Public Private Partnership (PPP) project of India. The power plant has an installed capacity of 1050 Megawatt from two units with a generating capacity of 525 Megawatt for each units.

Jojobera Thermal Power Plant

Installed Capacity: 427.5 Megawatt (67.5 Megawatt and 3 x 120 Megawatt)

Jojobera Power Plant is a coal fired thermal power plant located at Jojobera nearby Jamshedpur in the East Singhbhum district of Jharkhand. The power plant has an installed capacity of 547.5 Megawatt. Also this power plant is supplying power to Tata Steel Limited. The power plant is owned and operated by Tata Power.