Thoubal Multipurpose Project

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Thoubal Multipurpose Project is erected in the Churachandpur district of Manipur State in India. The type of project is Small as its capacity would be in between 3 and 25 MW. The current status of Hydroelectric Project would be Under Construction as it is not completed. The power project is located in the Thoubal River and its basin is Barak and others. It is erected in the North Eastern HE Region of the country. The owner and operator of Thoubal Multipurpose Project is Manipur State Government.

This project is erected in the Thoubal Dam of Manipur. The dam is mainly used for the purpose of Irrigation and Hydroelectric Power Generation. The dam type is Earthen and the main basin where the dam is located is Minor rivers draining into the neighboring countries of Myanmar and Bangladesh. Irrigation and Flood Control Department of Manipur State is the main operator of this Dam. The project is yet to be completed, so the unit size is not fixed.

Project Details:

• Hydroelectric Project Name – Thoubal Multipurpose Project

• Seismic Zone - Seismic Zone-V

• Type of Project – Small (between 3 and 25 MW)

• Hydroelectric Project Status – Under Construction

• Water Source – Thoubal River

• Hydroelectric Basin - Barak Basin and others

• Hydroelectric Region – North Eastern HE Region

• Owner – State Government

• Location – Churachandpur, Manipur

• District – Churachandpur

• State – Manipur

• Name of Dam - Thoubal Dam

• Purpose of Dam – Irrigation, Hydroelectric Power Generation

• Type of Dam – Earthen

• Basin - Minor rivers draining into Myanmar & Bangladesh

• Operating & Maintainance Agency - Irrigation & Flood Control Department Manipur

• Length of Dam - 1074 m

• Max Height above Foundation – 66 m

• Total Volume Content of Dam - 9192 TCM

• Unit Sizes –

• Total Units –

• Units Commissioned – Under Construction