Top 5 Attractions in Assam in 2020

1. Kaziranga National Park Tourism

Kaziranga National Park.jpg

Kaziranga National Park is a perfect Tourism spot for those travelers who love to travel through wildlife Parks. Kaziranga National Park covers an area of 430 Sq kilometers along the river Brahmaputra and is also a rare place to visit since we can’t see this kind of exotic wild life anywhere. The Park is also abode to the near-extinct one-horned rhinoceros. The park authorities are preventing this one-horned rhinoceros from further extinction by doing some conservative measures. As a result, the population of this one-horned rhinoceros is raised to a massive 1,700. Some other attractions of this place includes group of Indian elephants, bison, marsh deer, hog badgers, bears, tigers, jackal, wild buffalo and boar, pythons, monitor lizards and so on. There are also a variety of birds can be found in this Park with some of them includes oriental honey buzzard, Northern Shoveller, black Kite, Greylag geese, fishing eagle, Himalayan griffon and others. Bird Watchers should not miss this place and the rare birds.

2. Hajo Temple Tourism

Hajo is a popular tourist spot in Assam located at about thirty two kilometers from Guwahati. The place is located on the northern bank of the famous river Brahmaputra. The place is known as an icon of secularism where the three religions Hindu, Muslim and Buddhists, unite. Thus it became a vital pilgrimage center for these religions. Hajo is also well-known for its metal bell work. The Hayagriba Madhava Temple at Hajo is a holy place for both the Hindus and Buddhists, whereas Powa-Mecca is a renowned Muslim place of worship at Hajo. The mosque was believed to be built in 1657, The Powa-Mecca’s history is written through inscription on the wall of this mosque and the foundation apparently consists of some holy earth taken from the Mecca.

3. Sualkuchi in Assam

Sualkuchi in Assam is one among the world's largest weaving villages and is often called as the Manchester of the East. It is also a well-known hub of silk production. The particular inimitable golden silk of Assam is world famous and it is the only place to produce that kind of silk. People who visit this place can feel the emotional attachment as it is a rare sight to visit. The striking Sualkuchi forest range located on one side, green rush agricultural fields and the village fishing pond on other side will present us a peaceful travel experience. Local residents are really generous and amuse visitors with knowledge classes in customary weaving, organizing treks, journey planning and conducting cultural shows.

4. Majuli Island Tourism

Majuli Island is so popular for Tourism since it is known as the largest fresh water island in the world. The island is located in the center of the ever-flowing river Brahmaputra. There are also around 15 Vaishnava monasteries located in Majuli, where the traditional Assamese arts are well preserved through these monasteries. This Brahmaputra River Island is gorgeous for its picturesque beauty and is also a natural home for the rare species of flora and fauna and the place also serve as a wandering path for ducks, geese and further birds.

5. Guwahati, Places to Visit

Guwahati is the capital of Assam, which is located on the banks of attractive river Brahmaputra. It is also the largest city of the state and serves as the gateway to the northeastern states of India. There are several attractive places in the city to visit in the state, which includes some of the popular ancient temples like Kamakhya Temple and Navagraha temple. The Kamakhya Temple is located at the top of the Nilachal Hill, where we can watch the stunning Brahmaputra and the Guwahati city, while walking through this hill. The Navagraha temple is located in East Guwahati which is called as the "temple of the nine planets". Other attractions of the city include the Guwahati Zoo and the Planetarium. The Zoo is so popular since it is the largest natural zoo of whole India. The Planetarium is situated on the MG Road will give a charming and memorable experience for the travellers.