Top 5 Attractions in Bihar in 2020

Patna Places to Visit

Patna Museum.jpg

Patna is the capital city of the state, with tremendously enchanting places to visit. The place consists of peoples of different communities and religions including the hindu and Sikhs as well as Jains. The connection of Sikhs with the place is that their Guru Gobind Singh’s native is Patna. The supremacy of British rule is well obvious in the form of British architecture that any person can simply see their influence in the buildings located there. Some examples of them include Patna Museum, Padri Ki Haveli, Golghar, the High Court and Secreteriat Building. The renowned Madhubani paintings that are delicately finished by the Mithila women is another attraction of the city.

Pawapuri Jal Mandir Bihar

Pawapuri Jal Mandir Bihar is one of the ancient historic spot in the state. The place is so popular, since the Lord Mahavira breathed his last in this place and it was believed that it happened in 500 B.C and was cremated here itself. It is also said that a huge quantity of soil was detached from around the funeral place to make a water reservoir since there was immense demand for his ashes. Now, the place hosts a marble temple called as Jalmandir. The most popular tourist destinations in Pawapuri include Samoahram and Jalmandir.

Vaishali in Bihar

Vaishali is a popular place in Bihar, where we can see the richness of its wealthy historical heritage. Excavations will reveal its extraordinary prehistoric days. Lord Buddha rarely used to visit this place and gave speech and lectures to the people throng there. The city is formerly the hub for trade and commerce of the state. Today the city is known in the name of in literature as old as the Ramayana. Also the city became the venue for second international Buddhist council. Another specialty is that, Vaishali is the birth place of Jain prophet Lord Mahavira (527 BC). The tourist destinations of the place include Bawan Pokhar Temple, Ashokan Pillar, Kundanlpur and so on.

Nalanda Bihar Tourism

Nalanda in Bihar is situated at about ninety kilometers away from Patna. It is popular to the world in the name of an ancient Buddhist university and thus tourism developed in the city. It was built during the fifth century by the Gupta emperors and is the earliest institution of higher education in the region. It is also rich in ancient knowledge. There were more than thousand of professors, lectures and students in the university from all over the world and its reputation spread around the world till the later half of twelfth century. The main tourist destinations of the place include Ancient University, Archeological Museum and the Nalanda Complex.

Bodhgaya in Bihar

Bodhgaya in Bihar is an ideal location for those you wish to experience religious studies. India being a land of maharishis and religious teachers makes Bodhgaya a significant location for those in search for sharp religious studies. This makes it one of the most visited places in the world. It is believed that Lord Buddha meditated here beneath a Pipal tree. Today that tree is called as "Bodhi Tree" by the people. A successor of the same tree is still booming here. It is also a significant location of Hindu Pilgrimage where people visit here to pray for salvation of their ancestors. Bodhgaya is situated at about thirteen kilometers from Gaya town. The main tourist destinations of the place include huge Buddha Statue, beautiful Bodhi Sarovar, Chankaramana and the Dungeswari Caves. The main attractive holy place is the Mahabodhi Temple.